If you’re in serious pain and have tried several avenues without success, you may want to look to acupuncture. It’s one of the services available from the team at Lake Minnetonka Mobile Wellness, provided to you in your home. Acupuncture can be highly effective for people whose problems haven’t diminished by trying massage, stretching or other options. It will relax the joints and muscles of your body, relieving pain and allowing you to heal.

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Eastern vs. Western Acupuncture

There is an Eastern idea of acupuncture and a Western, which are different in their philosophies. The Eastern uses needles to open up channels for qi, or energy, to flow through. When these channels are opened, the body can heal itself.

The Western idea of acupuncture uses the application of a needle to increase your body’s release of endorphins, which are a natural painkiller. The needle also causes an increase in the production of white blood cells, which help your body to heal damaged tissue or infections.

You can think of the Western application as creating an interruption in the body and directing healing resources to go where they are most needed.

The Health Benefits of Acupuncture

When you receive acupuncture, there are various benefits such as decreased pain and an improved range of motion. People also report advantages such as a greater level of energy, diminished depression and more.

In East Asia, people use acupuncture to treat nearly every condition, such as high blood pressure and reproductive issues. In the West, it’s typically used for pain, muscle spasms, neuropathy and nerve-related discomfort. Research supports it works for these as well as bringing down inflammation and improving acute or chronic injury.

Electroacupuncture Available

Rest assured that the needles involved in acupuncture are fine. Any pain that is felt can be likened to the bite of a mosquito. Your doctor can place a needle somewhere you can see it to try it out, such as in your forearm. If you do not want needles, there is an electronic tool that can stimulate an area and create some of the same effects as traditional acupuncture.

Dry Needling

Dry needling is a term used to describe another form of acupuncture. The needle is inserted, and then it can be moved or spun around. With traditional acupuncture, you insert the needle and leave it. Dry needling involves movement to create a greater healing response.