Are you interested in staying in shape or improving your conditioning? The team at Lake Minnetonka Mobile Wellness provides personal training services that come to your home. You can work on your overall health or seek to improve a specific facet of your game. No matter what your goals may be, our experienced professionals can help you get there.

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Catering to Your Desired Outcomes

Dr. Jason Strandberg is a certified athletic trainer. He assists all levels of athletes, from elementary school to college, and even up to the professional levels. Dr. Strandberg is available to talk to entire teams, showing them stretches and exercises that will help them in their sport.

When you have a personal training session with Dr. Strandberg, it will be based on a program that fits your level of activity and your particular goals. You can gain muscle mass, lose weight, jump higher, run faster or hit the golf ball some extra yards.

Post-Accident Training

If you have been in a car accident, you likely have thought about getting to your pre-accident status. But what if you want to top that, and continue getting better and better? One such patient had serious back problems after being in a car accident. Overweight, the woman wanted to shed some pounds and get her strength back.

Dr. Strandberg guided her in the right exercises for her body and level of fitness, building up slowly until she was capable of more. Not only has the woman lost weight, but she’s seen a tremendous improvement in her pain levels, too.

Nutrition Advice Offered

The fuel your body gets plays a huge part in how you perform. Your personal trainer will discuss the right diet for you, involving real foods that are high in nutrients. If you’re looking for general dietary advice, we recommend the Ornish Diet, developed by Dr. Dean Ornish. It’s heavily plant-based in fruits, veggies and beans with a little meat and dairy added. Of course, moderation is key-splurge on occasion to treat yourself, but don’t make it your norm.